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    MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY: Management consultancy is about helping organizations to improve their performance. A good consultant helps to fine-tune a business or organization to measure success, improve efficiency, maximize performance and minimize risk. As effective service provider we assist you to know where you are and where you want to go,


    FORENSIC AUDIT: In complex world of business, quality forensic accounting is vital as personal injury, professional negligence claims or commercial litigation can damage a business. One may suspect fraud or may simply require a valuation of a business or other assets. A foreign company or international NGO may have their


    CORPORATE FINANCE: Turning a business dream into a successful reality usually calls for additional finance. Acquisitions, floatation, business development and cross – border expansion may all demand extra funds and require specialized advice from corporate finance teams with constant exposure to both the local and the global marketplaces. Our market


    TAXATION: In Bangladesh, generally Taxation services to clients are given by lawyers and general tax practitioners. However, the trend is changing fast, and Shafiq Basak & Co. being one of the large CA firms has in house tax specialists who work with clients to minimize their tax burden legitimately. Taxes,


    ASSURANCE & ADVISORY SERVICES: Assurance and Advisory are at the heart of what Shafiq Basak & Co. does. Services such as Audit, financial reporting and risk management advice provide clients business the stability they need to manage effectively and achieve their goals. THE SERVICE WE OFFER COMPRISES OF FOLLOWING SEPARATE