December 24, 2017

MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY: Management consultancy is about helping organizations to improve their performance. A good consultant helps to fine-tune a business or organization to measure success, improve efficiency, maximize performance and minimize risk. As effective service provider we assist you to know where you are and where you want to go, and work out how to go there. Shafiq Basak & Co. has a history of helping a wide variety of client organizations to boost their performance. The focus is always on practical, realistic solutions tailored to each specific client organization underpinned by both global technical expertise and local knowledge.   OUR IMPORTANT ENLISTMENTS: Shafiq Basak & co. Chartered accountants, Independent Accounting Firm, by its quality assurance, has achieved the following enlistments: One of the top leading CA Firms duly enlisted by Bangladesh Banks as ‘A’ Grade Firm enlisted to conduct audits of scheduled bank and financial institutions in Bangladesh. One of about 36 FIRMS duly enlisted by the Bangladesh securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC), And is enlisted to audit various public limited companies under securities and exchange Rules. One of the leading 22 CA Firms in Bangladesh duly enlisted by Bangladesh securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) as valuer in case Valuation Of Assets & Liabilities. One of the leading CA Firms in Bangladesh duly enlisted by NGO affairs. Enlisted Firm of Microcredit Regulatory Authority

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