December 24, 2017

ASSURANCE & ADVISORY SERVICES: Assurance and Advisory are at the heart of what Shafiq Basak & Co. does. Services such as Audit, financial reporting and risk management advice provide clients business the stability they need to manage effectively and achieve their goals. THE SERVICE WE OFFER COMPRISES OF FOLLOWING SEPARATE BUT RELATED ELEMENTS  ASSURANCE: As decision makers, clients have to be assured that they are acting on reliable information. They need to be aware of their business risks and know that they are managed effectively, and to have faith and confidence in their underlying systems and controls, and that all aspect of their business comply with key legal requirements. Moreover, our clients need to be able to install in their shareholders, investors and customers with the same confidence Shafiq Basak & Co. can give clients all the assurance they need.  ADVISORY: Shafiq Basak & Co. helps client in designing and improving their systems and arrangements to meet their needs, anticipate problems and find solutions. It is about ensuring that clients’ creative ideas make sense financially.  ADVISORY SERVICES INCLUDE: Statutory Audit Compilation of financial statements International accounting standards Assurance engagement Internal audit Business risk services

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